Luxury Resort Hotel Photography, Cancun

Photographing Luxury Resort Hotels is truly one of the most challenging and inspiring experiences for a professional photographer.  The warm, tranquil ambiance provides magical light and a romantic narrative which establishes a beautiful palette for photography.

My visual approach to shooting tropical resort hotels is to seek that which is most beautiful architecturally and allow natural light to bathe our scenes in color.  Quite often this means shooting at dawn or sunset for our lifestyle images, or at twilight for our architectural photographs.  When there is an appreciation for that natural light, it then becomes the photographer’s task to tastefully choose to enhance that look with his lighting instruments with subtlety, or boldness.  It is the photographer’s vision which creates this balance.

The below images were just a few we shot in Cancun, Mexico and I feel they represent that which I have just described.  Our travel took us just over a week, and with a very small crew from the advertising agency along with my creative team consisting of a photo stylist, two assistants and myself.

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