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Our Cameras Focus on the Chic Interior at the Wyndham Grand Resort, Orlando Florida

Style, comfort, amenities, and luxury surround you at the Wyndham Resort Hotel at Bonnet Creek, Orlando Florida.  My team and I spent the week photographing interior and exterior architecture for the Wyndham Grand Resort and its interior design firm.  My approach to the photography was to strike a balance between the resort’s massive scale and what I felt was a sense of intimacy and style inherent in the design.  I have selected my favorite signature interior and exterior photographs for this slideshow and included just a small sampling of our lifestyle images which should communicate the narrative we set out to convey; the Wyndham Grand Resort at Bonnet Creek combines elegance, 5-star executive amenities yet still finds a balance for families on Orlando vacation seeking a complete Disney experience.

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Resort Hotel Photography – A Luxury Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Incredible hospitality, food, and weather are just the beginning.  These are the essential elements which make up a vacation in paradise.  One gets all that, and quite a bit more at the Palma Real Paradisus Resort in Punta Cana.  A vibrant sunrise greets the quiet waves and sparkling beaches.  Warm, picturesque afternoons are filled with friends, family and incredible luxuries.  Gently cascading clouds and sunsets sing harmoniously in poetic song.

All that and some pretty gorgeous interior and exterior architecture make for an inspiring experience creating photographs.

Please enjoy a few selections from our week in the Dominican Republic and one of my favorite shoots in our portfolio.

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Resort Hotel Photography by Barry Grossman – Costa Rica Provides a Rich, Warm Setting

Our trip to Costa Rica was one of our most satisfying photography assignments in recent years.  We had been contracted to shoot this amazing resort hotel primarily for its architectural and environmental beauty.  The lifestyle photography was surely important, but as we were truly blessed with a “Paradise” in which to shoot, it became obvious that our setting would become our focus for this photographic exploration.

Please enjoy some of the landscapes, as well as some of the more intimate views of this gorgeous Luxury Resort Hotel.

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Luxury Resort Hotel – The Omphoy Hotel Sparkles in Palm Beach, Florida

The Omphoy Hotel offers incredible luxury and style.  It was truly a pleasure to photograph!

I have been so fortunate to work with the talented designers and owners of The Omphoy Resort Hotel.  Ours is a relationship which is highly sought after in my business.  They trust and rely upon me to help define and achieve their goals for the photography.  This collaborative experience is really what enables me to do my best work.

Late in 2010, I was approached to shoot the newly renovated hotel.  Our shoot consisted of two architectural days and one lifestyle day, during which time we photographed two restaurants, the indoor and outdoor dining area, the bar, lobby, concierge, several suites, pool deck, conference rooms, halls, executive office space, and various exteriors and architectural elevations.  The shoot’s logistics were handled craftily by the hotel General Manager and our creative team, consisting of myself, my two assistants and stylist were treated to an incredible, professional experience.  The lifestyle day brought in several other key crew members, including talent, make-up, hair and wardrobe stylists.

I am so very thankful for the cooperation of the Omphoy staff, my crew and the model talent for collaborating on what was probably one of our most successful shoots of 2010.

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Fort Lauderdale Resort – Florida Keys Vibe with Fresh New Feel

Having photographed many hotel properties in South Florida, there is definitely a distinctive look for which they are known.  The Florida Keys also provide a unique backdrop which combines a color palette of soft blues, greens and whites with the architectural approach made popular by Conch Houses for well over a hundred years.

We recently were commissioned to shoot a new resort hotel close to home, right on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.  Boasting an incredible proximity to the ocean, our challenge was to showcase the elegant, yet casual feel of the hotel which attempts to bring a bit of the Keys lifestyle and look to its guests.

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Luxury Resort Hotel Photography, Cancun

Photographing Luxury Resort Hotels is truly one of the most challenging and inspiring experiences for a professional photographer.  The warm, tranquil ambiance provides magical light and a romantic narrative which establishes a beautiful palette for photography.

My visual approach to shooting tropical resort hotels is to seek that which is most beautiful architecturally and allow natural light to bathe our scenes in color.  Quite often this means shooting at dawn or sunset for our lifestyle images, or at twilight for our architectural photographs.  When there is an appreciation for that natural light, it then becomes the photographer’s task to tastefully choose to enhance that look with his lighting instruments with subtlety, or boldness.  It is the photographer’s vision which creates this balance.

The below images were just a few we shot in Cancun, Mexico and I feel they represent that which I have just described.  Our travel took us just over a week, and with a very small crew from the advertising agency along with my creative team consisting of a photo stylist, two assistants and myself.

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Luxury Resort Hotel Photography by Barry Grossman

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Warm and inviting sunrise in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. copyright Barry Grossman

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